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Custom Synthesis
Custom synthesis is one of core business. With our experience in the medicinal chemistry, our teams are capable to synthesize a variety of molecular targets or core intermediates in small scale (typically from milligrams to 50 grams) and medium to large scale (typically from 50 grams to kilograms) with drug-like properties to meet our customer-tailored specifications. These substances can be in the range from reference compounds, lead compound derivatives, combinatorial chemistry templates, building blocks, to many others with or without bibliographic references, such as ones that may have been known, but not commercially available. 

Drug Discovery Research Program
Chemcia Scientific also offers the drug discovery research program with a FTE contract (PhD, MS. or BS-level chemists/scientists) for the lead compound design, screen, and optimization, synthesis scale-up and/or process development.
Pricing & Delivery Time
Price and delivery time will depend on the design of specific molecules,their structural complexity and bibliographic study of the process. Chemcia Scientific honors its quoted price even if a project would require more work than anticipated.

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